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Apex Land are acting for the owners of a 7-acre site on the southern edge of Launceston. The site was successfully allocated for residential development.

A planning application was being prepared whilst also looking for a developer. An acceptable offer was received and a contract entered into for a fixed price.

Apex Land continue to represent the landowner’s interests and will continue to do so until the land is sold.

Site Details

  • 7 acres greenfield site
  • Launceston, Cornwall
  • Allocated for 70 dwellings
  • Non-refundable up-front payment
  • Legal and Agent Fees Paid
  • Fixed Price Agreed

Client comment

“We have had simple and straightforward advice from day one. Jody started out preparing our planning application but when a developer made an approach he helped us agree a deal to sell the land. There was no problem changing strategy and Jody continues to represent us.”

Apex Land Involvement

Apex Land were preparing to submit a planning application on behalf of the landowner whilst also looking for a development partner.

Some offers were received but were not acceptable. Prior to submitting the application an offer was received which was acceptable and Apex Land negotiated the finer details until terms were agreed.

Contracts are now exchanged and a fixed price agreed for the sale once planning permission has been granted. The contract reimbursed the planning costs to date and also made a non-refundable up-front payment to the landowner.

Apex Land will continue to act for the landowner until the land is sold. We will ensure the purchaser is meeting their contractual obligations and oversee their planning application.

We provide regular feedback to our clients and are available to answer any queries at any time.